More Than A Rack...

For the past few months, I’ve been staging completed pairs of beaded earrings on a magazine cover and posting the photos on Facebook. I did it for several reasons, but mainly just one.

Earrings are a big part of my wardrobe. I AM my own trend. I LOVE fashion, however I'm a bit modest and almost never wear revealing clothing. It's just not my thing, and in the society that we live in, it's a challenge sometimes. Sex sells and you see it everywhere – television, on the radio, plastered on billboards, and on the cover of magazines. One day while skimming through a magazine, the idea was born.

Cosmo and Glamour Magazine are mainly filled with sexual content and a majority of the women on the cover are dressed with little to no clothes. AND you almost always see boobies! Haha. Well, I just thought it would be fun to stage my earrings on the cover of these two magazines. When I look at the photos, I immediately see the earrings and it isn’t until later, that you see all the other details of the magazine cover.

When I first started beading earrings for myself, I had never really imagined that I’d be making beaded earrings for others to wear. At first I’d wear them mainly at powwows or any other like-setting. Then eventually I was wearing beaded earrings everywhere I went - whether it be a professional or social setting, I was in them. Almost always, the earrings I had on were the first thing that people noticed. I have an obsession with color, so I'd bead in vibrant very eye catching colors. Not only did the colors draw eyes, beaded earrings were unexpected in a majority of the places I went to. I was (am) a Native American woman living in a traditional and contemporary world and I was proud to wear them. When I did decide to make them for others to wear, my intention was to replicate that sense of pride that I had while wearing them, in every woman.

I meant to distract the eye in these photos - it was my mission. I believe that all women should master that one thing about them (us) that grabs positive attention. Whether it be our earrings, our smile, our knowledge, our voice, or anything else that brings positive attention and energy – let's use those, before we seek attention with our boobs. My method of choice just happens to be earrings, what's your's?

Be blessed…