A Quick Glance at the Past 2-Weeks for DreLynn Design...

I started out with making 25 pairs of my Half-Full Bottlecap Earrings. I needed to debut each design on my Etsy Shop before I left for my 2-week long selling spree.

I wanted 75-100 pairs of my HandPaint'd Fun Earrings completed before Arizona State University Powwow and the Gathering of Nations. This pair was my favorite...

This was my second favorite pair. Both were sold pretty quickly.

I ended up finishing 91 pairs. I was tired of cutting through paint the night before ASU Powwow.

The earrings with dark acrylic paint seem do really well. I sold out of all those that one day of having a both at ASU Powwow. I think I'll make more of these when preparing for future shows/events.

Sitting at the "craft table" with MeaB'Fly

Setting the both up at ASU Powwow with MeaB'Fly & GJewelry. This was our first time using the new display frames we had constructed the week before. I believe we'll continue using these to display our earrings.

DreLynn Design at ASU Powwow (April 17. 2010)

I had hoped with 91 pairs of earrings, I wouldn't have had to make more. However, since I had sold almost all of my earrings during ASU Powwow, I had to quickly make as many as I could for the following weekend.

Gathering of Styles: Many many thanks to Kim Smith for organizing such an event. It was a successful event with good down to earth energy! I met fellow jewelry artists and overall had a good night!

Originally, we had tried to set up outside the Trillium Art Space but Albuquerque, NM was extremely windy that weekend! Our earrings continued to blow away the more we tried to keep them on their frames. We moved inside the gallery eventually.

This pic was captured by Neyom Friday. I was tired, yet, still trying to keep up with everyone by the end of the night haha. Good show :)

I lost my camera later that Friday night. SO, this happens to be the only picture I have of my traveling crew for that Gathering of Nations Weekend. This was captured on Saturday night with my iPhone.

A quick shot of Maria of MeaB'Fly, Cassandra of Creativity for Livity, & myself :) It was amazing to meet all the fellow artists that weekend.

Lastly, on the last day before returning to Arizona. We set up a booth at the Kiva Powwow that Sunday. It was a good event and I was thankful that the weather finally warmed up. It was definitely a good day to powwow, especially that powwow. This powwow holds a special place in my heart so it was quite humbling when I was asked to donate earrings to the powwow drawing, in exchange for a booth. Also, I was just excited to meet more good people and sell whatever earrings I had left there.

In the end, I pushed 135 pairs of earrings in those two weekends. I was left tired and extremely thankful for the opportunity to meet new people. Every pair of earrings I've sold has been carefully created unlike any other, so I'm so humbled by every smiling face that has bought a pair or two. This all has definitely opened my eyes as to how far I can eventually push my art. I want this. And I'm going to continue working towards that next pair!
Be blessed...

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